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New Zealand is highly desirable for many people that are looking to migrate for our beautiful green scenery, clean air and excellent education system. However, immigration law and policies are complicated and confusing. It is important that you engage an experienced professional to ensure that your chances of success are high.

Our team at AA Law are committed to providing high quality immigration advice and assistance to you at a cost-effective price. We will endeavour to make your move to New Zealand trouble and stress free by ensuring that your application is well-prepared and well-presented.

We can offer the highest level of advice and expertise in all areas of immigration law. My services include advising you of your eligibility, and representing you in your applications for all visa categories.

We understand that the most difficult and distressing time faced by a migrant can be in dealing with the possibility of being removed from New Zealand by the Government. We have specialist knowledge in both areas and will deal with sensitive immigration issues that are affected by family law matters in a compassionate and professional manner.

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