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"Your will is your voice, your wishes from beyond the grave"

We would always advise our clients young and old to make a will. People may think that if they do not have a will that everything will automatically go to their partner but this is not always the case. If a person dies intestate (without a will) then the estate will be administered according to the Administration Act 1969. It is then quite possible that your estate may go to people that you did not wish it to go to.

To prevent these kinds of issues and to give your family and loved one’s guidance it is important for them that you have a will. Your will is your voice, your wishes from beyond the grave.

Your will can include your wishes regarding being buried or cremated. If you have young children you can appoint a testamentary guardian (a named person that will take care of any children you may have). You can also name whomever you wish to leave your precious hard-earned assets to.

Our experienced staff at AA Law can tailor your will to suit your needs.

We offer a fixed fee on standard wills.

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